New Here?

Every Sunday at 10.30am you will find us at the Greenway Centre on Doncaster Road in Southmead as we gather for our family service. The service is a lively mix of worship, teaching and prayer. Before and after the service there is a chance to connect over coffee with others from our congregation.

At this service we have a number of groups that are committed to helping our children and young people discover more about Jesus and help them as they seek to follow Him. We do this through a blend of teaching, activities and lots of fun! 

Our Story So Far

Our story started back in 1983 when Rob and Pam Scott Cook started Highrove Church in Sea Mills. The growth of that church and a desire to reach the communities of Henleaze and Westbury led us to plant ‘Henleaze and Westbury Community Church in 1993.  Over the following two years this new church grew to the point where we were able to plant a third church, Woodlands, in Clifton. Then in 2008, again as a result of growth, what was Henleaze and Westbury Community Church moved to our current home at the Greenway Centre in Southmead and became ‘The Community Church’.These three sister churches remain linked to this day, as the Woodlands Group of Churches.

In 2015 we started a new church plant in Brentry and Henbury called Branch Community Church. Branch meets every Sunday at 4pm in Brentry Primary School and to find out more about it click here.

The Woodlands Group of Churches now has congregations in 6 geographical sites across the City, including Metro in the City Centre, Branch in Brentry and All Saints in Hartcliffe. What started with just a handful of people in 1983 has mushroomed incredibly. To find out more about the common vision of our group of churches click here.

The Team

Tim and Dave lead the Community Church at Greenway and are assisted by a large number of other small group and ministry leaders.

But we are a church where everyone gets stuck in! If you would like help finding your place and your role in church life, do get in touch with us - we’d love to help!


Tim Dobson

Senior Leader at Community Church


Dave Roderick

Leader at Community Church Greenway

Jo Poulsom

Leader at Branch Community Church


Nancy Simmons

Congregational Leader


Pete Mansfield

Congregational Leader


Marion Roderick

Congregational Leader


Jo and Tim Sunderland

Congregational Leaders


Kath Speers

Congregational Leader

Craig Speers

Congregational Leader


Clair Hamilton

Congregational Leader

Sally Tate

Congregational Leader


Maddie Doherty

Youth Pastor and Administrator


Matt Doherty

Youth Pastor

Tom Roderick

Youth Intern with the New Wine Discipleship Year


"Continually Reproducing the Life of Jesus"

Across our group of churches we share this common vision which broken down into four goals



We want to help unchurched people become committed Christians and part of the worship of the Church



We want to disciple each member in an atmosphere of love, prayer and Bible teaching to follow and become like Jesus



We want to release every member into ministry and mission in the power of the Holy Spirit, with opportunities to discover and fruitfully use each one’s gifts



We want to build together in unity with other churches to reach the whole city and region with the gospel, to be salt and light in the city and to bless the nations, especially the poorest